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About Us


“Bonaccord is one of Eastern Victoria’s largest vegetable production and logistics companies. Our business commenced here in 1960 and has grown to now supply vegetables up and down the breadth of Australia’s east coast. More recently our business is expanding into value adding vegetable products, a role which we see as vital to meet client needs. Eastern Gippsland has been a great location for our business. Our fertile soils, reliable rainfall and temperate climate enable us to produce and market premium product to our clients twelve months of the year. Being close to other major processors such as Patties Foods and One Harvest means that the region is well served by the infrastructure needed to support a business of our size. It’s also a great place to live. I can be in the snow in the morning and on the beach in the afternoon, where else can you do that?”

Bonaccord Freightlines Quality Policy


Bonaccord Freightlines began in 1989. The Ingram’s needed a reliable form of refrigerated transport for their produce and when the local carrier was no longer available, it was due to necessity that a refrigerated van and prime mover was purchased. Today Bonaccord owns approximately 52 trucks which transports produce for themselves and other businesses to and from Sydney and Melbourne.


Bonaccord Freightlines Pty Ltd is committed to supplying a quality freight carriage service, and to complying with an effective Food Quality / Safety Plan.

We will provide the resources necessary to grow and improve our business.

Continuous improvement will be the priority of management and staff and will be achieved by regular review of the company objectives and our Food Quality / Safety Plan.

All employees are encouraged to participate in an active role to deliver the objectives stated.



  • To provide reliable, clean and safe freight services that are accessible to our markets.
  • Involving frozen, chilled and refrigerated produce as well as dry goods
  • We aim to provide a quality service at a competitive price, to meet or exceed our customer’s specifications, expectations and designated delivery criteria.
  • We will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of our customer’s product from pickup to the agreed delivery point.
  • Our Food Quality / Safety Plan complies with Codex Alimentarius Alinorm: 97/13A (HACCP) the Woolworths Supplier Excellence Supply Chain Standard and the Primesafe Standard.
  • Transport Safety Standards Australian Logistics Council - Retail Logistics Supply Chain Standard
  • NHVAS - Maintenance Management
  • NHVAS - Mass Management
  • NHVAS - Basic Fatigue Management


Current Position: Processing Plant Mechanic/Repairer

Bonaccord is one of Eastern Victoria’s largest vegetable production and value adding companies.

BONACCORD QUALITY PRODUCE CO requires a Processing Plant Mechanic/Repairer.

If you have skills and experience in the maintenance, fabrication (stainless steel), repair and general upkeep of processing plant and equipment, we are interested in hearing from you.

If you have passion for this type of a position, we would like to talk with you about joining the Bonaccord Team. A more detailed job description is available on-line (www.bonaccordingram.com.au) or you can call the office on 03 51571332 for more information.

Applications close Monday 31st August 2015.

Please email applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post to 95 Bonaccord Lane Bairnsdale 3875.



Current Position: Interstate Truck Drivers

Bonaccord Freightlines is currently looking for Interstate Truck Drivers. Applicants must carry a HC license and have a minimum of 5 years driving experience. The age requirement is over 25 and referees must be supplied.

Contact: John on 05 51571 325

No other positions are available at this time.


Special Features of Bonaccord

  • Solid foundations
  • Good Communication
  • Love doing what we do
  • Taking opportunities as they arise
  • Minimising risks
  • Lead by example
  • Hard work and dedication